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Video marketing trends for 2023: What you need to know

Video marketing has grown in importance in recent years. Learn the trends for 2023 to take your marketing to the next level.

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More and more content is being consumed online. For this reason, videos are an effective way to connect with their customers.

In this article, we take a look at the key trends for 2023 that you should know about.

Three "hot" video formats

1. short videos:

Short videos, like teasers for events, can be shared before the event to generate more attendees. These compact videos provide a quick glimpse of the event and generate curiosity and interest among potential attendees.


- Easy to consume and share

- Quickly produced and cost effective

- High reach on virtual event platforms


- Limited depth of information

- Less possibility of emotional attachment

- Short-lived and fast-moving trends

2. personalization:

Personalized video content enables brands to engage with their target audiences on a deeper level. Insights into viewers' interests, behaviors, and demographics can be used to create customized video storytelling. The sales team can take this information and use it to target customers with relevant topics.


- Increases customer loyalty and satisfaction

- Additional information about your target group

- Higher conversion rates


- Increased effort for content creation

- Data protection and privacy concerns

- Danger of over-personalization and impersonality

3. interactive videos:

They allow viewers to engage with the video, making the content more memorable and engaging. Brands can use an interactive video to create quizzes and surveys to better understand participants. Webinars are particularly well suited for this. They provide an excellent opportunity to gather valuable information about the needs and interests of the target audience.


- Higher participation and audience retention

- Insights about your potential customers

- Promotion of learning and decision-making processes


- More complex production and higher costs

- Technical challenges and compatibility issues

- Less suitable for passive viewers or specific target groups

Quiz participant

Video Tools

Once you've decided on a format, you should consider which tool to produce and edit with. Here are three innovative video marketing tools:

1. lumen5:

Lumen5 is an AI-powered tool that automatically turns blog articles and other text content into engaging short videos. It's great for creating teasers and short video content for social networks and events.

2. crello:

Crello is a user-friendly graphic design editor that allows you to create animated and interactive videos. With many templates, Crello is ideal for creating video content for social media, webinars and event promotion.

3. tubeBuddy:

TubeBuddy is a browser extension and app that helps with SEO optimization and improving findability on the platform. With keyword research, video title and description optimization, and analytics tools, TubeBuddy offers a comprehensive approach to boost the performance of your videos on YouTube.

These three innovative video marketing tools can help you create engaging video content and optimize your online presence. By using these tools, you can make the most of video marketing trends for 2023 and increase the visibility of your brand or event. Experiment with different combinations of these tools to see which ones best fit your needs and goals.

Which deployment trends are coming into focus in 2023?

After the videos have been produced and edited, the question now arises as to where they can best be published in a sustainable and marketing-optimized manner.

Video platforms as a means of delivering video are a key video marketing trend in 2023. By using them, companies can deliver their videos in a broader and more targeted way than would be possible on their own website or social media channels. They offer comprehensive features such as video hosting, analytics, personalization, and integrations with other marketing tools that enable companies to optimize their video strategies and measure the success of their videos.

In addition, companies can benefit from the high reach and distribution of videos to reach new audiences and increase their brand awareness.

Define your target group

VR and AR - Will this trend come?

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) provide an immersive and interactive experience for users and can help increase engagement and interactions with target audiences.

Virtual Reality

VR allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual world and completely disconnect from the real world. Companies can use VR technology to create immersive and interactive experiences for their target audiences, whether for product presentations, training, virtual events or even real estate sales.

Augmented reality

AR, on the other hand, inserts digital elements into the real world, creating an augmented reality. Companies can use AR technology to present their products and services in an interactive way. For example, they can use AR technology to project product information, product reviews, and product videos onto the packaging of products, or enable virtual try-on of clothing in a retail store.

VR and AR experiences can intrigue audiences and leave a lasting impression, which can help audiences remember the brand and want to learn more about it.

However, there are also challenges, such as the complexity of the technology and the associated costs of creating VR and AR content. Companies also need to ensure that VR and AR experiences are accessible and user-friendly for their target audiences.


Video marketing is constantly evolving, and it's important for marketers and event managers to stay on top of the latest trends. By adapting to these trends, brands and event organizers can better engage their audiences and ensure sustainable growth for their brand and event. Pay attention to the top video marketing trends for 2023 to set your strategy up for success.

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