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Increase your event success with the right reports

Better understand how to further increase participant engagement

Analyze the interactions of your subscribers and improve your content

Analyze survey results

Understand which chat messages were responded to the most

Reporting on the Q&A module (time, author, text and votes)

More insights for you -
before, during and after the event

With our many integrations, you can easily increase the engagement of your event.

Attendance report (Show/No Show) with the following elements:


On site and online

Tracking to the second thanks to timestamps

Boost event roi with CRM integration

CRM integration (Hubspot/Pardot) helps you further nurture leads and learn more about existing customers.

Import event data and use it for your lead scoring

Optimize your communication thanks to reporting

Create new contacts and add to existing ones

Our functions for individual events

Mix and match our features to create exactly the event you envision.


Ensure authentic exchanges - on and offline.

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Understand participants better thanks to reporting and analytics

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Integrate your favorite tools with ease.

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Participant Management

Create templates and mailings in our all-in-one platform-

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Host interactive livestreams.

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Individualize each breakout session.

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Increase your marketing efficiency with a flexible event and video platform

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Questions and answers about our product

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is reporting important?
Reporting is important in many ways - and for many stakeholders. Reporting can mean reporting, evaluation or analysis.
Reporting helps to break down the event afterwards and to find out how an event went, which and how many participants found which topic particularly exciting, how an event can be improved and which things will bear more fruit in the future than others.
Through certain evaluation methods, information about the interests, preferences and needs of the participants or customers can be evaluated afterwards in such a way that they can now look forward to individually tailored products or services.
A variety of data can, through correct evaluation and analysis, help the company to directly identify customer preferences and thus increase their sales.
Which KPIS should be tracked and how do I ensure that no data silos are created?
The following metrics will help you understand the performance of your events and your video content in more detail.
- Number of views
- Play rate
- Average viewing time
- Abandonment rate
- Audience retention
- Demographic information
- Engagement rates

CRM integration can help integrate data with existing systems and avoid data silos. Popular systems include Pardot, Salesforce, or Hubspot. In addition, marketing tools and systems can be further implemented as needed to ensure you have all the metrics you need to drive targeted, high-performance campaigns.
For whom is reporting important?
Reporting is of interest to various stakeholders. The company can benefit from the data, which reflects participant behavior, interests and needs, for its own processes, product development and customer approach.
Evaluations in the aftermath of an event can also be of great importance for participants. How many people from which industries were interested in which topic? How many people were at the event with me? Which topic excited me the most? How excited were others about the event?
Often data can confirm a gut feeling, sometimes it shows a whole new direction - clearly, numbers don't lie. How successful an event was can usually only be shown through evaluations.
Which way does reporting work?
Reporting can work in different ways. In the meantime, reporting management systems have been established that automatically analyze and evaluate an event according to various parameters.
A good system should provide the event manager with a report at the end of the analysis, which informs him about the past event and shows possibilities for future events. Reporting software should be uncomplicated to use and should be able to handle the data securely.