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Flexible marketing video platform
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Many marketers in large companies want a one-stop shop for complex events, videos, webinars and livestreams. A platform they can manage independently, without depending on the IT department or external vendors.

That's why we've developed a custom solution that lets you integrate your existing tools. So that users can have the best possible experience on an integrated platform and build trust with the brand.

What do you want to achieve with live and on-demand events?

No matter what problem you want to solve with a video portal, we support you in the implementation - from traffic increase to CRM integration.

  • Increase the ROI of video marketing

  • Reuse existing content and increase marketing efficiency

  • Improve the sales-marketing alignment

  • Share knowledge about your products and solutions with relevant people

Host and manage all corporate videos centrally- without advertising

The corporate video platform provides the ability to easily organize and scale webinars and livestreams - all without having to rely on your IT department.

Events that have already been created are displayed automatically - saving time and costs

Categorize content by language and topic

Upload multilingual webinars and videos

See past and future events at a glance

Custom design for live and on-demand videos

Customize the interface to your corporate identity in every detail, up to a complete whitelabel solution with its own URL.

Design colors, fonts according to your CI and insert logos

Our developer team designs the ideal solution for you

You have individual requirements? No problem. We continuously develop our platform based on customer requirements.

More traffic and visibility for your content

Thanks to SEO-optimized content, you can increase the reach of your videos and events.

Include alt texts, title tags and meta descriptions for your content.

The URL of the video platform is a subdomain of your website

Automatic inclusion in the sitemap

Cluster pages to create topic authority for your content

Map the complete lifecycle of your content

Increase marketing efficiency by making planned and existing content discoverable and useable for new customer acquisition.

Upload teaser videos before the webinar

Stream the webinar directly in the platform

Collect valuable feedback thanks to surveys

Understand your target group better thanks to surveys

Incorporate custom interaction tools

Highest quality for your videos

We make sure that despite the unlimited number of participants, streaming and upload quality are smooth.

Thanks to health monitoring, you know in real time whether the livestream is working without problems

Stream without overloading the corporate network

Your stream is completely secured thanks to primary and backup stream

Easy onboarding with any device without installation

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Secure hosting and maximum protection for your data

Data protection and security are top priorities for us. Take advantage of an ISO and TISAX certified cloud platform.

Your content is hosted securely and in compliance with data protection laws

All videos are SSL encrypted

Secure login thanks to single sign-on

Categorize content by language and topic

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Understand your potential customers better thanks to analytics & reports

Use insights from reporting for content creation and improve marketing-sales alignment.

Connection to CRM (for further nurturing)

Your sales people learn which topics are particularly interesting for (potential) customers

Overview of dwell time, completion rate and interactions

Easy export with one click

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 "What we appreciate about the STREAMBOXY solution is that it can be easily and flexibly adapted to our needs and event content. This allows us to get the most out of our storytelling and inspire customers with our presentations every time."

Daniel Hofius

Daniel Hofius

Marketing Manager Trade Fairs and Events at HOMAG
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Discover the advantages of our all-in-one platform from Germany

Completely individual & integrable

Design the platform in your corporate design, right up to the whitelabel solution and individual extensions.

Smooth participant experience

Fast onboarding. No IT knowledge required. No installation, no plug-ins, 100% browser-based. Everything in one platform.

GDPR Compliant - Made in Germany

Guaranteed protection of the personal data of organisers and participants. We are regularly audited externally.

From Self Service to Full Service

Plan your events yourself or count on our support and our network in production and design.

On all your devices

STREAMBOXY can be easily operated on a variety of end devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile devices or smart TVs.

API & Integration

Connection to external systems and applications. From CRM systems to the use of the API interface to provide data for participant management.

Choose from numerous integrations

Whether CRM integration or survey tool - choose from our standard tools or integrate your own systems.

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Increase your marketing efficiency with a flexible event and video platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the video platform be used in multiple languages?
Yes, the platform automatically adapts to the language (DE or EN) set in the browser. Categorize your content according to the language.
Does the video platform also include parts management?
Yes, the video platform includes participant management in the form of mailing templates, participant management and also reporting.
How are pre-made videos (on demand) represented in the video platform?
Pre-recorded videos can be streamed in the video platform and thus made available to participants live or as recordings(video on-demand - VoD).
What kind of video content can I create and distribute with STREAMBOXY's video platform?
Our platform can be used to create and distribute product demos, training videos, webinars, etc. You can easily upload and host your existing video content or create new event formats .
Can I use STREAMBOXY's video platform to reach my target audience?
Yes, our platform includes a variety of tools and features to help you reach your target audience. You can use our analytics to track the performance of your videos. You can also use our built-in lead generation tools to convert viewers into customers.
What features should I look for in a video platform for business events?
Key features to look out for include:
- video and audio quality
- integrations
- branding & whitelabel
- security