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Online conference software for individual events

Maximum interaction for your event

Connect online and hybrid events. Customers, internal and external employees can interact online and onsite.

Participants can raise their hand and share the screen in real time

Give moderators full control by allowing them to mute or remove participants

Group chats provide for more exchange

Use the Q&A function and polls and upload documents

Include custom interaction tools via API and iFrame

Make every element of your conferencing software flexible

Gain the trust of attendees and sponsors with a cohesive design.

Customize the event and all touch points in your design

Combine different formats (few to many)

Choose from two options: Self- or Full- Service

Better understand the behavior of your participants during the event

Attendance and real-time reporting provide valuable insights

Our real-time attendee list shows you who is online and who is hybrid at the event

See at a glance how many registrations and no-shows there were

Evaluate interaction in chat, surveys, or Q&A sessions.

Our functions for individual events

Mix and match our features to create exactly the event you envision.


Ensure authentic exchanges - on and offline.

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Understand participants better thanks to reporting and analytics

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Integrate your favorite tools with ease.

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Participant Management

Create templates and mailings in our all-in-one platform-

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Host interactive livestreams.

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Individualize each breakout session.

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Increase your marketing efficiency with a flexible event and video platform

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Questions and answers about our product

Frequently Asked Questions

How can employees and customers work together in the conference?
Easily link internal and external participants in a conference.

Internal employees can join the conference as usual via Microsoft Teams.

External participants can join the conference via STREAMBOXY.
How many participants can take part in an online conference at the same time?
The STREAMBOXY conference allows not only 100 participants, but up to 250 participants to communicate and interact with each other simultaneously. And all this in your individual branding. The webinar software also has its own participant management and video platform.
 Is onboarding complicated?
Before entering the conference, each participant can set the microphone and video settings for themselves.
This allows you to set up the conference optimally.

Thanks to single sign on, onboarding works quickly and easily with all browsers and operating systems (iOS and Android).
What interaction possibilities do video conferencing tools offer?
There are no limits to the interactive possibilities in the STREAMBOXY conference.
Fade in chat and Q&A, start polls or share relevant common documents during the conference.

In addition, moderators and speakers can do screen sharings.
With our strong interface, there are virtually no limits to further tools.
What features does the video conferencing software offer?
The most important functions of a conference software are:

‍Video conferencing
conferencing is one of the most important functions of a conference software. It allows participants to see and hear each other in real time. This is essential for effective communication.

Screen sharing
sharing allows participants to share their screens with others. This is a useful feature for showing a presentation, sharing documents or videos, or collaborating on a project.

Virtual breakout rooms
rooms are virtual rooms where smaller groups of participants can work together on a specific topic or activity. The conferencing software should offer this feature so that participants can break into smaller groups to work on specific tasks.

feature allows organizers to create polls and collect responses from participants. This feature is useful for engaging the audience and getting feedback on a specific topic.

Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions, participants can ask questions and get answers in real time. This feature is essential for panel discussions, keynote speeches, and other events where attendees want to interact with speakers.

Live Chat
Chat allows attendees to communicate with each other during the event. This is a useful feature for networking and engaging attendees in real time.Attendee ListThe STREAMBOXY conference software platform also provides you with an attendee list of the video conferences that you can watch live or download for follow-up.

Recording and Playback
conference software should also provide the ability to record the event and play it back after the event. This feature is useful for attendees who were unable to attend the event or want to review the content after the event.

conferencing software to specifically put the speaker in the spotlight during online meetings, thus highlighting their video for all attendees.

Media sharing
attendees by asking them to share their audio, video, and screen. When shared, participants can independently manage their sharing options.

Video views
participant can view videos for themselves in tile or single view. Videos can also be adjusted to fit or fill the frame.

Pinning videos
videos from different participants to keep an eye on them during the conference online.What other features are there?

Other features of STREAMBOXY are:
- Unlimited chatting
- Sending files
- File storage
- Virtual events
- Conference calls
- Automated mailings
- Multi-level authentication
- Different roles and permissions
-Customer service and helpdesk
Why should you choose STREAMBOXY over a free solution?
Free conferencing software solutions may seem attractive, but they don't offer the same level of service, features and security that a paid conferencing software platform like STREAMBOXY can provide. Here are some reasons why you should choose STREAMBOXY over a free solution:

Paid conferencing software platforms like STREAMBOXY often offer a higher level of security than free solutions. This is especially important if you handle sensitive or confidential information during your event.

Features :
Platforms like STREAMBOXY typically offer a broader range of features than free solutions. For example, STREAMBOXY offers features such as advanced analytics and reporting, branding and customization, and virtual event support that may not be available on a free platform.

Paid conferencing software platforms tend to be more reliable than free solutions. For example, STREAMBOXY offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring your event runs smoothly with no unexpected downtime.

Paid solutions often offer better customer support than free solutions.

Paid platforms can help increase the professionalism of your event. With features like custom branding, advanced analytics, and high-quality video and audio, STREAMBOXY can help create a polished and engaging event that reflects positively on your brand.