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Being close and inspiring product enthusiasm:
The secret of success of Dräger's Mission Safety Digital

About Draeger

Dräger manufactures medical and safety technology products. With these, the company protects and saves the lives of people all over the world in hospitals and fire departments, rescue services, public authorities, mining and in industry.
Founded in Lübeck in 1889, the family-owned company has developed into a global listed group with more than 15,000 employees worldwide.

Mission Safety Digital is the Group's best-known event series.

At Interschutz in Hanover, Dräger also presented its latest offering as an online event for fire departments under the motto "Mission Safety Digital". The focus was not only on the company's latest products, but above all on the people who volunteer for the fire department.

In addition to product presentations, the event's program also includes workshops and presentations by experts from the firefighting industry, who give participants an insight into the current challenges and developments in the field of firefighting technology.

What was the goal of the Safety Digital mission?

We didn't want to host a boring product launch, but create an event that feels like a meeting among colleagues. The goal is to make the challenges that fire departments face today approachable and at the same time introduce our new products.

How were events organized before using STREAMBOXY?

We have tested different tools in the past, but our project management colleagues were not really satisfied with any of them.

They had to send briefings to tool providers to make minor changes and there were no options to configure the tool themselves. We were therefore very dependent on the platforms we used.

We also didn't want to have a media break within the events. For example, we didn't want a new browser window to open when an interaction was triggered. We used an interaction tool before that that worked with a QR code. Participants had to scan the code and were redirected to a separate page.

Event platform requirements:

What were your requirements for the event platform?

The focus was on a solution that bundles all event functionalities in one tool, from registration and lead processes to interaction options with the participants, reliable broadcast quality and a consistent brand experience.

It was also very important to us that lead capture was possible in the stream. That's why, for example, we were looking for a solution in which interaction tools could be integrated without a media break. Another point was the integration with Hubspot. We wanted to use existing DSGVO and double opt-in processes and existing consents at the same time.

We wanted to continue sending our reminder emails from Hubspot to keep a better eye on open rates and general communication. Therefore, seamless integration with our lead management process was important to us.

The final requirements evolved from our lighthouse event series, Mission Safety Digital.  

How did the decision-making process work?

We went into the decision-making process with a very open mind and looked at many tools. At the beginning of the process it was not clear whether we would develop our own solution or use a ready-made one.

STREAMBOXY was the perfect solution for us, because on the one hand it is a ready-made solution, but on the other hand we were able to customize a lot and are very close to the developer. This was a very big advantage compared to established tools.

We were able to suggest features that were implemented and together create a solution with a good experience for employees and customers.

During the process we realized that with many other solutions we as a customer were very far away from the product manager. We often heard phrases like "Only Draeger needs that." At the same time, some solutions had a lot of functionalities, but in the end they were not important for the concrete application, such as a 3D world.

With STREAMBOXY, we can also flexibly integrate such elements via the open API.

At Dräger, the event platform is the official communication and IT infrastructure that is made available centrally to the various organizational units for both internal and external events. When it came to integration into the technology landscape, it was definitely an advantage that STREAMBOXY uses Microsoft as its technological foundation.

Which functions were most important?

The most important thing for us was the broadcast quality, as we put a lot of resources into the event.

We were supported by a TV production company that otherwise produces very well-known TV shows. In addition, there was a mobile team that went around the trade show. Accordingly, some of the camera settings and the direction in general were complex.

It was also important for us to be able to identify the participants of the online event. This was not possible with other providers.

The fact that we also had complete control over the event on the day of the event and could set everything independently showed us that STREAMBOXY was the right platform for us. At this point, we had already decided to use the platform in the long term.

Unfortunately, a colleague was unable to participate on site for health reasons, but was able to provide some support from home.

How did the introduction of the tool go?

Even though the variety of functionalities and configuration options may seem confusing at first, the introduction was relatively quick overall. If you have an affinity for software, you will quickly get used to the tool.

What does the concrete solution look like? What was implemented individually?

Together, we developed a solution that offers us a maximum degree of flexibility and bundles all functions.

Some functions were additionally implemented individually. These include domain whitelisting for the registration function - especially for internal or specific partner events, the feature is very useful, as only participants whose domain has been approved for registration can register.

Branding and whitelabeling were also important for us. We developed a CI template that can be customized for the different segments.

We can also continue to use our email tool and were able to sync the data from Hubspot and STREAMBOXY. Email marketing is now much more efficient and saves us a lot of time.

We now have a standard solution with recognition value that inspires trust among customers because of the Draeger URL.

In addition, we no longer have any media breaks and therefore have a very good participant experience. We have integrated our interaction tools into the panel. Participants can now take part in surveys in the panel and continue watching the event.

We now also use STREAMBOXY for internal events and have found a solution that allows different departments to work independently and efficiently.

"The functional diversity and flexibility of STREAMBOXY allows us to transform all the requirements of an event into a targeted user experience without the actual content of the event taking a back seat.
This allows us to get the most out of our storytelling and inspire our target groups with our events every time."

Hauke Schult

Project Manager Digital Solutions, Drägerwerk

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