Individual and interactive

Webinar software for engaging online events

Activate participants and increase interaction

Design the event according to your ideas from the first email to the reporting.

Encourage sharing with group chats

Moderate discussions with the Q&A function

Share documents with participants

Understand your target group better thanks to surveys

Integrate individual interaction tools (integration via API or iFrame)

Turn your event into an experience with flexible webinar software

You know exactly what your ideal event should look like? We bring it to life thanks to individual settings on all levels.

Trainers can use their familiar teams integration while participants are in an individual world

Assign roles individually

Personalize your design

Customize the content with PDFs or videos

Include more info as a banner (also possible as sponsoring)

Save valuable working time thanks to automation

Participants are onboarded quickly and easily. Mails and reminders are sent smoothly and without much effort.

Manage participants quickly and easily

Control all communication in one platform: from reminders to follow-ups

Easily track attendees thanks to connection to CRM

Keep track of attendances and absences

Better understand attendee behavior during and after the event and continuously improve their experience.

Live tracking for online participants

Record attendance during training sessions to the minute thanks to online attendance report

Interaction reports (Q&A, chat messages, anonymized survey results)

Easy export with one click

Connection to CRM (for further nurturing)

Corporate video platform

Place your next events on your own event landing page in your CI

The design can be completely customized to your corporate design

Tie the portal to your CRM to learn more about existing and new customers

Inspire customers for your products and events

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Increase your marketing efficiency with a flexible event and video platform

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Completely individual

Design the platform in your corporate design, right up to the whitelabel solution and individual extensions.

Smooth participant experience

Fast onboarding. No IT knowledge necessary. No installation, no plug-ins, 100% browser-based.

GDPR Compliant - Made in Germany

Guaranteed protection of the personal data of organisers and participants. We are regularly audited externally.

From Self Service to Full Service

Plan your events yourself or count on our support and our network in production and design.

On all your devices

STREAMBOXY can be easily operated on a variety of end devices such as PCs, laptops, mobile devices or smart TVs.

API & Integration

Connection to external systems and applications. From CRM systems to the use of the API interface to provide data for participant management.

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Questions and answers about our product

Frequently Asked Questions

What is webinar software?
Webinar software is a digital platform that allows users to create and deliver web-based seminars or presentations. It offers features such as video and audio conferencing, screen sharing, chat messaging, and other interactive tools that enable presenters to deliver content to an audience remotely.
What features should I look for in webinar software?
When selecting webinar software, it is important to look at features such as the number of participants supported, ease of use, integration with other tools, branding customization options, recording and playback capabilities, and security measures. It is also important to check the software's compatibility with different devices and operating systems.
What are the advantages of an event platform compared to pure webinar tools?
- Branding and Customization: With an online seminar event platform, you can fully customize the look and feel of your event to match your company's branding. This can include customizing registration pages, event pages, email invitations, and other elements. Zoom, on the other hand, offers limited branding customization options and is primarily focused on providing video conferencing.

- Advanced Embedding Features :Virtual event platforms for webinars offer advanced features designed specifically for online meetings. These can include features such as gamification, polls, quizzes, live Q&A, CRM integrations, and networking opportunities. These features can help engage attendees and increase participation, which can lead to valuable interactions and learning opportunities.

- Multi-Session and Multi-Track Support: Many event platforms for webinars or webcasts offer support for events with multiple sessions and tracks, which can be beneficial for larger events or conferences. This means that attendees can choose which sessions to attend based on their interests and can easily switch between tracks without leaving the platform. Zoom, on the other hand, is primarily focused on running single video conferencing sessions and is not suitable for multi-session events.

- Post-event analytics and reporting: webinar event platforms provide detailed post-event analytics and reporting that can help you evaluate the success of your event and identify areas for improvement. This can include data on attendance, engagement, and attendee feedback. Zoom provides some basic analytics, but doesn't offer the same level of detailed reporting that you can get from an integrated event and video platform.
How can I recognize a good online webinar platform?
The cloud-based training software should be designed intuitively so that employees can quickly find their way around and complete their online training without a lengthy onboarding process.

Branding is another point you should pay attention to so that the learning courses can take place in your own CI.
How do training courses work smoothly?
The registration of the participants should work automatically. After registration and shortly before the start of the online course, the participant should receive the necessary information by e-mail. The communication with the participant should therefore ideally be automated.

An explanatory video and a step-by-step introduction make it easier to get started. After the event, the employee should be able to watch the recording again and view the acquired certificates.
 How can employees ask questions during training?
Participants can use live chat or integrations can be included that can be used to ask questions.
How to choose the right webinar software?
It is important for webinar attendees to be able to access from any device. The registration process should not be unnecessarily complicated to avoid lengthy onboarding. Depending on the use case, training should also be available as on-demand webinars. This way, every employee can complete the training when it suits them.

Live webinars, on the other hand, should be used when the focus is on live communication and interaction.