All data in one place thanks to participant management software

What do you want to achieve with a participant management tool?

No matter what problem you want to solve, we will support you in its implementation.

  • Increase event efficiency

  • Real-Time Overview

  • Automate manual processes

  • Create an individual event experience

All participant data in one place

Connect online and hybrid events. Attendees and employees can interact online and onsite.

Import participant data quickly and easily thanks to Excel import

Export the attendee list and import it into your CRM to track leads

See all important participant data at a glance

Automated & individual
event communication

Save time and automate communication. Send individual emails flexibly and in your own design: time-controlled or event-based.

Simple language definition for participants, whether in your CRM or directly in Backstage

Optimized drag and drop editor for uniform display

Communicate with your participants during the event thanks to push notifications

Synchronize attendee and event data between your CRM and STREAMBOXY

Woman speaks at international event

Individualize your registration process

Create all elements according to your taste - from the form to the registration.

Define your own fields for the registration form

Define who can log in thanks to custom domains and whitelists

Select the relevant languages

Include forms via iFrames on other relevant pages

DSGVO-compliant registration process with double-opt-in

Woman speaks at international event

Participants see only what they are supposed to see

Define who can modify the content during the event and before/after.

Assign different permissions per session or event depending on the participant role

Distinguish between Speakers, Attendees and Organizers/Admins.

Connect the hybrid and online worlds

Attendee management at hybrid events runs smoothly with STREAMBOXY.

Easy and fast registration - online and onsite thanks to Wallet Passes (with QR code)

Online and onsite participants can interact via chat

As the organizer, you can see which participant is in which session and how they participate

The video platform: your individual event website

Place your next events on your own event landing page in your CI

The design can be completely customized to your corporate design

Tie the portal to your CRM to learn more about existing and new customers

Inspire customers for your products and events

Create users who watch webinars directly as participants

Our functions for individual events

Mix and match our features to create exactly the event you envision.


Ensure authentic exchanges - on and offline.

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Understand participants better thanks to reporting and analytics

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Integrate your favorite tools with ease.

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Participant Management

Create templates and mailings in our all-in-one platform-

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Host interactive livestreams.

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Individualize each breakout session.

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Questions and answers about our product

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of good attendee management software?
A good attendee management tool is characterized by the fact that all event management functions can be controlled collectively from one place by the marketing or event manager.

Creating participants, communicating via various channels, creating and sending invitations, managing participants and evaluating data - all this should be possible from one central point. Ideally, this should be adaptable to your corporate design.

In addition, automated processes in attendee management should increase the efficiency of your company.

Centralized control and simplified, lean, and automated processes can significantly reduce time and capacity requirements and thus also costs. Furthermore, this usually eliminates avoidable errors.

In-depth evaluation of participant data and feedback via the software, for example, can be a significant increase in the success of marketing and target group approaches with meaningful data. Virtual events in particular offer the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the behavior of participants. Compliance with data protection is also a very important factor here.

In addition, the software should function just as flawlessly regardless of the type and frequency of use, type of event, and number of users. An attendee management software that suits you should also meet your budget requirements.

Integration with (or another CRM) synchronizes event and attendee data between the tools, helping you target campaigns and reducing manual work by not having to enter data twice.
How do I find the right event attendee management software for my company/for my event?
The first thing you need to do internally is to determine what requirements and ideas you have for your digital attendee management system for conferences. Useful starting points are costs, frequency and design of use, desired functions, automation processes, type of event, expansion and design options.

Once you have agreed on these points, you can start your search. Even though there are now many providers on the market, the right solution for you will crystallize by addressing the above points.
What does participant management mean?
Attendee management (also called guest management ) refers to all processes and activities that affect attendees at the event. It is divided into different phases: before, during and after the event. Attendee communication, registration and the event website are also part of online attendee management.