Simple participant management thanks to HubSpot integration

The CRM and marketing tool HubSpot can be easily linked with STREAMBOXY. By synchronizing the attendees' attendance data, they can now be addressed in a more targeted manner. Read about the integration now.

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What does the Hubspot CRM do exactly?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM software helps companies manage customer relationships.

CRM software can be used to record interactions, data and notes about their clientele or about interested parties. All data is stored in a central database and is accessible to multiple employees within an organization.

With the help of CRM integration, different departments such as sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, and management can be optimized for growing businesses.

For example, when customers leave their contact information on your website via a form (e.g., to request a demo), they are imported into the CRM.

After sales reps contact prospects, you can update their data, with information from the conversation and from the research... The marketing team can use this data to quickly determine how best to address each customer's needs.

Some of these steps are captured automatically, while other data is entered manually. When everything is accessible in one system, there is less clutter and tedious paperwork, and communication is accelerated.

What are the advantages of the STREAMBOXY - Hubspot integration?

HubSpot is a company that develops and markets an all-in-one platform for inbound marketing, sales, CRM and customer service. If you use HubSpot as a marketing automation tool, the STREAMBOXY HubSpot integration adds events to HubSpot.

The STREAMBOXY HubSpot integration currently offers the following functions:

  • Synchronise event logins from HubSpot to STREAMBOXY
  • Write back the presence status from STREAMBOXY to HubSpot

HubSpot is the central point for registration and participant communication with automated and customizable notifications. STREAMBOXY, on the other hand, is the home for your unique event, which can be fully customized in the process. Thanks to attendee management software , you can save time and improve data quality.

Hubspot Integration at STREAMBOXY

What are the requirements for integration?

  • Existing licensed HubSpot environment
  • STREAMBOXY Subscription

The basis for all interactions between STREAMBOXY and HubSpot is the setup and configuration - for this, here is a brief overview: 

HubSpot integration - this is how it works

The integration of HubSpot in STREAMBOXY takes place in STREAMBOXY Backstage and is activated there with just a few self-explanatory clicks. Here we briefly describe the individual steps of the integration. All details about the integration and configuration of HubSpot are available in our service portal.

Activation of HubSpot CRM in the STREAMBOXY Backstage

In your Tenant settings, you can select and configure your desired integration under "Integrations".

To activate the integration, you must first connect HubSpot. This is done by logging into HubSpot with your existing account and granting permissions for the STREAMBOXY-HubSpot integration.

Hubspot Login

After that, STREAMBOXY is connected to HubSpot. Now you can choose how you want to use the integration.

Synchronisation of HubSpot with STREAMBOXY event

The synchronisation of HubSpot and STREAMBOXY happens in a few simple steps:

  1. To synchronize participants in participant management, a list must first be created in HubSpot in which all participants can then be found.
  2. Event creation in the STREAMBOXY Backstage
  3. Insert the HubSpot list into the event via the custom properties. Entering the name of the list connects it to the STREAMBOXY event.

With the STREAMBOXY-HubSpot integration, various parameters are synchronized between STREAMBOXY and HubSpot.

After HubSpot has been connected to STREAMBOXY, you can select which different synchronisation functions are to be activated.

  • Creating HubSpot Marketing Events for STREAMBOXY Events
    HubSpot Marketing Evnts are linked to STREAMBOXY Events. The participants in the HubSpot list are synchronously created as event participants in STREAMBOXY and added to the event.
  • Updating HubSpot Marketing Events with STREAMBOXY Attendance status
    After a session or event has ended, the attendance options of the participants are registered in HubSpot and transferred to the HubSpot Marketing Event.
  • Create HubSpot "Contact Timeline Event" with presence status
    After a session or event has ended, the presence status of the respective participants can be viewed. The status is "registered" and "attended". By viewing the attendance data of the participants, you can use HubSpot for more targeted communication.

For each of the three points, we have a detailed documentation article that describes the settings and configuration options of HubSpot in each case.

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