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With various 3D worlds, no spectator or event participant is guaranteed to be bored in front of the computer. Experience digital events in a different way and let your imagination run wild.

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What is 3D Events?

For online events and hybrid events, you can integrate 3D applications to add creativity and variety to the attendee experience. Increasingly, there are now integrations that allow viewers to explore a room, booth, store, etc. in three dimensions.

Spectators can usually move around in the 3D software using the computer's mouse. Sometimes each participant gets an avatar, with which he can move around in the room, etc.. They can turn around themselves, move towards stands, for example, or click on certain things.

With online trade fair stands in 3D, there is usually the possibility to start a 1:1 communication. Either participants can exchange messages via a chat module at the booth or communicate directly face-to-face in an extra video meeting. There are no limits to the interaction possibilities.

What are the advantages of 3D integrations?

The integration of 3D applications makes the event exciting and varied. After almost three years of exclusively online meetings and digital conferences, people have become jaded to virtual modes of presentation.

3D integrations are just the thing to make the event creative and new. Let your audience explore the 3D world on their own. The result is an emotional participant experience that will make the event unforgettable.

The creative, the exciting, the new - that's what makes things so interesting. People will linger much longer on 3D applications than on standard online tools. For example, if you have created an online store in 3D form, a higher presence time means a higher probability of becoming a customer or partner.

Online, participants also have the opportunity to get a better overview by scaling the 3D world. Zooming in and out helps to know what's going on, not miss anything, and keep all the options at a glance.

As a booth owner or organizer of the trade show, it certainly makes sense to hold it online or hybrid. Reasons include health precautions, such as now in the Corona pandemic, as well as other factors such as sustainability, cost, travel time, inclusion, etc. With 3D integrations, you can virtually enhance event experiences and access innovative display options.

Often there are 3D integrations that let you test the functions for free. This allows you to quickly and easily see if the solution is sufficient for your requirements.

Man pays with card at 3D exhibition stand

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What are the disadvantages of 3D integrations?

Besides the numerous advantages of 3D integrations, not only participants but also presenters and initiators are faced with challenges. The 3D integration, although usually straightforward to install, must be set up and visually designed. The participant interface must be branded and made interactive clickable so that communication and interaction with participants works. This often means time and effort.

For online trade shows based on the 3D principle, all booth representatives must be contacted and the functionalities explained.

Of course, you are also always dependent on a stable Internet connection. Unstable data transfer rates complicate the functioning of the 3D applications and reduce the event success.

Conceptual design of a digital 3D exhibition stand

Examples of 3D integrations

We present the integration of the 3D application "Die Schmidts". This is one tool of many, which can be integrated via STREAMBOXY.

With its expertise in product presentations in the digital space, "Die Schmidts" offers you a sensible alternative to the conventional trade fair presence. Individual solutions are created for you, with which you can present your company and your products in the best possible way. All this at extremely moderate costs, with guaranteed implementation, without the usual trade fair hustle and bustle.

What do I have to pay attention to when integrating 3D applications?

The integration of 3D software is usually straightforward. Nevertheless, there are a few points you can pay attention to in order to give your viewers an unforgettable experience.

Before choosing a 3D tool, be clear about what you want to achieve with the application.

  • Is the tool intended for networking?
  • Should a 3D boiler landscape be created to sell products?
  • Should games be offered during event breaks to lighten the mood?

Once you have defined the purpose of your event or 3D tool, the next step is to find the right tool.

Find out about the individual functions, interfaces, any disadvantages and, above all, the data protection and security aspects of the tool. Only integrate applications that meet your data protection requirements. Event security comes first!

Also, familiarize yourself with the tool's integration capabilities. You need to understand how the tool integrates with your platform or event. Are there any specific requirements here?

In the last step, you should also be clear about how the application will be received by the participants. This includes not only the presentation and user-friendliness. It is particularly important to clarify whether the 3D functions work on all end devices or only to a limited extent on a large screen, for example.

Which 3D tools inspire you? Feel free to share your experiences with us!

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