Manage registrations more easily thanks to Pardot integration

CRM and marketing tool Pardot can be seamlessly integrated into STREAMBOXY. Use individual landing pages and registration forms in your corporate CI and manage your participants in a uniform and structured way.

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What is Pardot?

Salesforce Pardot is, among other things, a tool that automates marketing. All marketing activities can be controlled from one point. Pardot provides the toolbox to combine mail marketing, social media, lead management, mail campaigns, etc. Besides more efficiency, time and cost savings, Pardot enhances customer experience and contributes positively to lead generation. Convince potential customers of smooth automated processes.

Pardot is also a CRM software. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The goal is to strengthen and improve business relationships by automating processes, optimizing structures and through professional management. Employees from different departments can access the same CRM system. Thus, a transparent customer management can be established, which leads to more profitability.

What are the advantages of the STREAMBOXY-Pardot integration?

If you use Pardot as a marketing automation tool, the STREAMBOXY Pardot integration adds events to Pardot.

Create efficient and effective subscriber management with Pardot CRM integration and marketing tool. In the process, Pardot helps generate more leads and establish closer customer connections. Let Pardot send automated notifications and adjust the lead score.

Control registrations and participant communication centrally from Pardot. Benefit from usage data to address and score shows and no-shows individually.

The STREAMBOXY Pardot integration currently offers the following functions:

  • Synchronise event registrations from Pardot to STREAMBOXY
  • Write Show / No Show status from STREAMBOXY back to Pardot.

Thereby Pardot is the central place for landing pages, registration and for participant communication with automated and customizable notifications. STREAMBOXY, on the other hand, is the home for your unique event, which can be fully customized in the process.

Pardot Integration

What are the requirements for integration?

There are two requirements to integrate Pardort with STREAMBOXY. You must have an existing Pardot environment with Salesforce connection. The integration only works if you are already registered with Pardot. Furthermore, it requires a login or registration with STREAMBOXY.

How does the integration work?

The integration of Pardot takes place in the STREAMBOXY Backstage and is activated there with only a few and self-explanatory clicks.

The basis for all interactions between STREAMBOXY and Pardot is the setup and configuration - for that here is a short overview:

All details about the integration and configuration of Pardot are available in our service portal.

Activation of Pardot in the STREAMBOXY Backstage

In your Tenant settings, you can select and configure your desired integration under "Integrations".

To activate the integration, you must first connect Pardot. This is done by logging into Salesforce with your existing Salesforce account and granting permissions for the STREAMBOXY-Pardot integration.

Authorization for Pardot integration in STREAMBOXY

After that, STREAMBOXY is connected to Pardot. Now you can choose how you want to use the integration.

Synchronisation of Pardot prospects with STREAMBOXY event

Synchronising the Pardot prospects is done in a few simple steps:

  1. To synchronise the participants, a list must first be created in Pardot in which all participants can be found.
  2. Event creation in the STREAMBOXY Backstage
  3. Insert the Pardot list into the event via the user-defined properties. Entering the name of the list connects it to the STREAMBOXY event.
Connect Pardot list with STREAMBOX

If the "Write back show and no-show data" option is activated, the show/no-show data for each event user is written back to Pardot for further processing. New prospects are now entered as participants in STREAMBOXY every ten minutes. A STREAMBOXY Single Sign On URL is written back to the prospect.

Create Pardot presence lists (Show/ No Show)

Again, we explain how you can create Pardot attendance lists in a few steps, showing which participants were present (Show) and which were absent (NoShow).

The prerequisite for creating an attendance list is the previous termination of the main (lobby) session.

If the session is now finished and the check mark is set in the settings for creating Pardot presence lists (Show/ No Show), two lists are automatically generated on Pardot, which are located in the same folder as the original overall list:

Total list

In our service portal you can find further details about all functions and steps, about the synchronization processes as well as about current limitations of Pardot.

Why are integrations beneficial?

You ask yourself, why integrations? What are integrations for in your event? Often, the specialized tools are the experts on the subject.

Interaction tools are optimally geared towards the topic of interaction. CRM systems focus on participant management . Translation tools put all their development into the best translations of your texts. So why reinvent the wheel?

It is often easier and less complicated to integrate desired functions from other companies instead of building a separate application for each function. Thanks to well-developed interfaces, most applications can now be integrated easily and with just a few clicks.

For example, do you need a whiteboard at your next online event? Do you want a CRM integration to manage your attendee management software from now on? Do you need a survey tool for on-site and online participants in your hybrid event? Do you need a livestream translated into different languages?

Then use the tools you already have, such as Miro Whiteboards, Salesforce Pardot, Mentimeter surveys, etc. This will save you an enormous amount of time and effort.

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