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What to look for in your product launch

This glossary article explains the most important terms and concepts related to product launches and product introductions.

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A new product or service is to be presented to the public? This glossary article explains the most important terms and concepts around the topic of product launch and product presentation.

What is a product launch?

A product launch refers to the official start of a new product on the market. This involves a new product that has been developed and produced by a company.

The launch is often accompanied by a marketing campaign. This is intended to draw the attention of potential customers to the new product and promote its sale. This can include various measures such as online media, social media activities or even events and trade fairs.

A successful product launch can be of crucial importance for a company. It can help strengthen the brand's image and increase sales.

5 points for your product launch preparation

Define your target group

It's important to know who your target audience is so you can tailor your strategy accordingly. This will help you decide which channels are best for communicating to reach your target audience. Use customer feedback, market research and data analysis to better understand your target audience.

Plan your strategy

Careful planning of the marketing strategy is essential for the success of the product launch. Consider which channels and methods are best suited to reach your target group.

These include, for example, social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, advertising, events and press relations.

Create a timeline and budget for your marketing strategy. This must take into account the cost of product development, marketing strategy and events. Careful budget planning should contribute to the successful marketing of the product or service without exceeding the budget.

Create a landing page

A landing page is a special web page created specifically for the product launch. It informs about the product or service and motivates potential customers to buy the product. A landing page should be a

  • have a clear message,
  • be easy to navigate and
  • contain a clear call-to-action.

Plan a launch event

A launch event should arouse the interest of the target group and put the product in the spotlight. The event should be well planned and organized to attract the attention of the media and the target group. This includes, for example, a speaker program, product presentations, networking opportunities and live streaming options.

Pro tip: The timing of the product launch is crucial for success. Various factors must be taken into account, such as the competition, seasonal trends or important events. Careful planning of the timing can help to ensure that the product is successfully placed on the market.

Make sure that you have enough stock

Make sure you have enough stock to meet the demand as well. You want to make sure that your customers can easily buy and receive the product without long waiting times or delivery problems.

Pro tip: Should there be a pre-order to encourage sales?

What are the goals of a product launch?

Product presentation

The product launch is the actual act of presenting the new product or service. Here, the product or service is presented to the target group and its benefits and function are explained. A successful product launch can have a significant impact on the success of the product launch.

Product development

Product development is the process by which the new product or service is created. Here, all aspects of the product are planned and developed to meet the requirements of the target group.

Product development

Sales promotion

Sales promotion is an important part of the video marketing strategy. Here, measures are taken to promote the sale of the new product or service. These include, for example, discount promotions, coupons or premiums.


Market research

Market research is an important preparation for the product launch. Here, the needs and wishes of the target group are investigated. In addition, whether the new product or service meets these. The competition is also analyzed in order to stand out from it.

Media relations

Media relations are an important part of the marketing strategy. Targeted media outreach to increase awareness and generate interest among the target audience. This includes press releases, interviews, blog posts and social media posts.

Print media

What is important after the product launch?

Feedback from the target group is an important indicator of the success of the product launch. Here, ratings, surveys or statistical evaluations can be used to obtain feedback from the target group. The feedback can be used for product improvement or to take further measures for marketing.

The success control is another important part of the product launch. Here, the results of the launch are analyzed according to the effectiveness of the strategy and further measures are derived. Success control can help ensure that the product launch is successful in the long term.

Best Practice

A prime example of a successful product launch from a marketing perspective is the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Apple managed to establish a completely new concept: the smartphone.

They relied on a targeted and spectacular launch that was enthusiastically received by the press and consumers alike. The campaign focused on the design, user-friendliness and innovative features of the iPhone.

Social media and other channels such as video platforms were cleverly used to draw attention to the product. The combination of a

  • strong brand identity,
  • targeted market launch and
  • excellent product quality

made the launch of the iPhone a milestone in marketing history.


A successful product launch and a successful product presentation are crucial for the success of a product or service.

Careful planning and implementation of the marketing strategy, knowledge of the target group and monitoring of success are important factors. Events with sophisticated event marketing can also help to generate interest and promote sales.

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