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Video podcasts: explained in a nutshell

What are video podcasts and how can they support your marketing strategy. You can find all information about video podcasts in our article.

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Today, video podcasts are an important medium for processing information, telling custom journeysand reaching customers. While audio podcasts are a popular choice, video on demand podcasts and their inspiring video thumbnails are also becoming increasingly important.

For this reason, we want to answer the following questions with our article.

- So what do video podcasts do for video content marketing?

- What are they used for and what advantages do they offer?

- Are there also challenges that need to be considered for a successful video podcast?

What is a video podcast?

Compared to an audio podcast, a video podcast also offers a video. The content of the podcast can thereby

  • in a video-only version or
  • be presented in a combination of video and audio.

A video podcast is thus a way to offer content in an audio-visual format. A similar and also interesting format is the product video.

Video podcast vs. audio podcast

While audio podcasts are easy and cost-effective to produce, video podcasts offer an additional visual component. This allows the audience to see and better understand what is being said.

They can also increase audience engagement and interaction. This is because the visual element creates a stronger connection and identification with the content.

In addition, video podcasts offer the opportunity to visually present the branding and video marketing messagesof the brand. It therefore supports brand awareness and brand recognition.  

Video podcast is recorded

What are the goals of video podcasts?

Video podcasts can be used for various purposes. For example, companies can use them as a marketing tool to

  • promote their products or services
  • Position themselves as experts in their industry
  • As a tool for internal communication or training tool

What are the advantages of video podcasts?

A major advantage of video podcasts is the ability to present content in a video format .

This can

  • increase the attention of the audience,
  • Achieve a wider reach (many people prefer watching videos to reading text or listening to audio podcasts),
  • Create interaction with the audience, for example, by answering questions or stimulating discussion,
  • different video platforms and thus reach a larger target group.

What are the challenges?

However, there are also some challenges that should be considered when creating video podcasts. For one, the production of video podcasts is usually more complex than audio podcasts. This often requires special equipment and more effort in post-production.

On the other hand, technical problems can occur that affect the quality of the video. These include, for example, problems with the lighting or sound problems.

What technical equipment is needed?

For this reason, the equipment is quite crucial. The basic equipment includes a camera, a microphone and a tripod. To improve the quality of the video, it can be useful to invest in a better camera and lighting.

Example Video Podcast Equipment

Optimal publication of the video podcast

In order to publish the video podcast in the best possible way, there are some important factors that need to be considered:

  • Use only video platforms on which your target audience moves (or set up your own video platform according to your needs),
  • A consistent release time and frequency release.

For example, with weekly video podcast, you should make sure that each podcast is always published at the same time.

Formats and ideas for building a video podcast

There are a variety of formats and ideas you can use to build a successful video podcast. Some popular formats include interviews, discussions, vlogs, and live streams.

  1. Expert interview on industry topics: Share experiences and insights on specific topics. This can help build an audience and increase the credibility of the brand or event.
  2. Vlogs: Take the audience behind the scenes of the event or brand. It can give the audience a glimpse into the day-to-day life of the company and build a more personal connection.


A video podcast can be an extremely effective way to promote a brand or plan an event. However, it can also be a challenge to produce high-quality videos with storytelling and appeal to the right audience.

However, with the right equipment, a clever publishing strategy and creative ideas, a corporate video podcastcan become a valuable marketing tool and support a successful marketing campaign or event.

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