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Product video - what is it actually?

How can your products and services be presented digitally? Product videos are an attractive form of product placement.

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Alongside video podcasts, a product video is a visual representation in the field of video marketing that is often presented in the form of a corporate video. It is an important marketing tool that helps companies to effectively advertise their product range and convince customers. Well-developed video storytelling helps to achieve success.

What are the types of product videos?

There are different types of video formats that companies can use to present their products and services. Three product video formats can be:

Demonstration videos:

Demonstration videos show the product in action. It can also highlight the key features and benefits of the product and show possible applications.

Explainer videos:

Explainer videos are an effective way to explain complex products or services. You can use animated graphics and images to illustrate how the product works.

Testimonial videos:  

Testimonial videos can include customer feedback and testimonials from customers who have already purchased the product. This type of video can increase potential customers' confidence in the product.

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What equipment is needed for a professional product video?

To create a product video, companies need certain equipment. A good camera is essential to record high-quality videos. A tripod should be used to keep the camera stable and avoid camera shake. An external microphone can improve the sound quality. Lighting is crucial to present the product in a good light.

Time and money spent on product videos:

Creating product videos requires time, resources and investment on the part of the company. The time and financial investment depends on various factors, such as the type of video, the complexity of the product, the experience of the team and the desired quality.

Time commitment:

The time it takes to create product videos varies depending on the type of video. A simple demonstration video can be created within a few hours, while an elaborate animated explainer video can take several weeks or even months.

Financial Expense:

The financial outlay for product videos depends on various factors. These include the cost of equipment, paying the team, location, props, and post-production budget. The higher the quality and effort of the video, the higher the costs will be.



Pro tip: AI and AI programs can significantly reduce time and financial efforts.

Where are product videos published?

Product videos can be published on various video platforms to maximize visibility and reach. Companies can publish product videos on their website to address customers directly. Social media also offers a wide reach and can help companies reach new customers. Appropriate video thumbnails play an important role here.

How can the content generated also be used in the long term?

Product videos can also be used long-term to boost brand image and sales. Companies can reuse product videos in other marketing materials, such as online media libraries.

Social media ads:  

Companies can create social media ads and use the product video as an ad video to target potential customers.

Video platforms:

Companies can use their own video platform to upload the product video there to build a long-term presence on the platform. This way, they can build their audience and optimize their content over time.

Training Materials:  

Product videos can also be used as training materials for employees or affiliates to provide a better understanding of the product.

Sample flow of a product video:

A product video can contain various elements to present the product in a clear and appealing way. Here is a sample flow of a product video:


The video begins with a brief introduction that introduces the product and its key features. A clear and concise description of the product gives viewers an overview of what to expect in the video.

Demonstration and application areas:  

In this part of the video, the product is shown in action. Possible applications of the product are presented, illustrating the benefits and features of the product. It is important that the product is shown in a clear and well-lit environment to ensure the visual clarity and quality of the video.


If possible, testimonials from customers who have already used the product can be shown. These testimonials can increase potential customers' confidence in the product and encourage them to buy it.

Detail views:  

This section takes a closer look at the product. Close-ups are shown to highlight the finer points and details of the product. If the product has different colors or options, they can be presented in this section.


At the end of the video, the product is summarized again and a call-to-action is offered. This can be an offer or a special action to motivate viewers to buy the product or get more information.


Video content marketing is an important resource for event managers and marketers to promote products and services and convince customers. There are different types of product videos that can be selected depending on the target group, customer journey and product type. To create a high-quality product video, you need certain equipment such as a camera, a tripod, a microphone and lighting. Product videos can be published on various platforms, such as the company website, social media and in email marketing campaigns. The content created can also be used as video on demand to boost brand image and sales.

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