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The most important video formats for marketers

Videos have established themselves as an important part of any marketing strategy. Find the right formats for your strategy in this article.

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Video platforms offer a unique opportunity,

To take full advantage of corporate videos in marketing, marketers need to choose the right video thumbnails and formats for their goals.

Why is choosing the right video format critical?

Each video format has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as compatibility, compression ratio, image quality and file size.

In this article we distinguish for this reason under the

Video format as video type - The goal of the video is reflected in the type of the video.

Video format from a technical point of view - what is the format of the video file?

It is important that marketers choose the right format that is suitable for their target audience and video marketing objectives.

Choosing the right format can also contribute to more efficient loading time and a more positive user experience. If this is not taken into account, videos can be abandoned prematurely. As a result, the opportunity to connect with the target audience is lost.

Marketers should analyze which format is best for their target audience and marketing goals. After all, the best possible experience for their users and the highest effectiveness of their videos is essential.

What video formats are available?

Whether live or video on demand, these formats are available:

1. explainer videos

Explainer videos are

  • simple,
  • visual representations,
  • that provide a clear and concise explanation of a concept, idea or product.

They are suitable for explaining complex topics simply or introducing a new product/service.

2. live videos

Live videos are an exciting way to interact with audiences in real time. They offer brands the opportunity to share real, unvarnished insights into their work and culture. Live videos can be streamed on social networks to build a closer connection with your audience.

3. fire videos

Brand videos are a powerful tool to convey brand identity and message. They can have a variety of formats, from animated explainer videos to emotional stories. It's important that brand videos are authentic, memorable and in line with the brand identity.

4. influencer videos

Influencer videos are another way to reach a target audience. These videos can have a variety of formats, from reviews of your products to supporting campaigns.


5. product demo videos

Product videos are a way to show a product in action and demonstrate its functionality. These videos are designed to convince potential customers that the product meets their needs. They can also help illustrate how your product solves problems. Especially technical or complex products benefit from this presentation, as benefits are difficult to convey with text and images.

6. customers testimonials

Customer testimonials are a valuable way to strengthen the persuasive power of brand messages. These videos show the positive effects your product has on customers' lives.

7. 360 degree videos

360-degree videos offer a completely new perspective for the audience. They make it possible to experience places and events from any angle. This type of video is especially useful for virtual tours, real estate, and showcasing event locations.

8. augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

AR and VR are innovative technologies that enable a whole new dimension of interaction with the audience. These technologies are used to

  • Create brand experiences,
  • Demonstrate products and
  • potential customers into the world of the brand.

Video format from a technical point of view - what is the format of the video file?

Videos in the wrong format can cause compatibility issues if they don't work on certain devices or operating systems. This can result in the video not being seen by a key audience. Also, poor image quality can make the video less engaging and less effective.

Advantages and disadvantages of the video formats compared

For this reason, we would like to list the respective formats with their advantages and disadvantages:

MPEG-4 (.mp4)

MPEG-4 is a widely used video format, often used for mobile devices and web viewing. It offers a good compression ratio and good picture quality, and it is playable on a wide range of devices.

QuickTime (.mov)

QuickTime (.mov) is a proprietary video format developed by Apple. It is mainly available for Mac computers and iOS devices and offers a good compression rate and image quality.

Tip: It's important to note that marketers using QuickTime may be excluding a larger audience if they share their videos on devices or operating systems that don't support QuickTime.

AVI (.avi)

AVI (.avi) is an older video format that offers good compatibility with a wide range of devices and operating systems. It offers a good compression ratio and image quality, but it has a higher data volume than other modern formats.

Tip: Marketers using AVI need to make sure they test their videos on modern devices to ensure they play back well.

WMV / ASF (.wmv / .asf)

WMV / ASF (.wmv / .asf) are proprietary video formats developed by Microsoft. They offer good compression ratio and image quality and are available mainly for Windows computers and devices.

Tip: Marketers using WMV / ASF should make sure they test their videos on devices and operating systems that do not support them to ensure they are not excluding their target audience.

HTML5 / WebM (.webm)

HTML5 / WebM (.webm) is an open video format designed for use on the web. It is an important part of the HTML5 specification and provides good compression ratio and image quality.

Tip: Marketers should make sure to test their videos on all major browsers to ensure they are not excluding their target audience.

FLV / 3GP (.flv / .3gp)

FLV / 3GP (.flv / .3gp) are both formats developed mainly for use on mobile devices. FLV was originally developed by Adobe for Flash content and is still a common format for online video. 3GP is a format developed for use on cell phones and is still used on some older devices.

Tip: For the use of FLV / 3GP, test in advance that the videos are supported on the end devices and operating systems. You do not want to exclude your target audience.


Finally, it's important to note that video marketing is not just a one-way street. Don't forget to respond to your audience's feedback and interactions as well. This can help you build a closer relationship with your customers and strengthen your brand.

From increasing conversion rates to boosting brand awareness, it offers numerous benefits.

By selecting the most important

you can launch a successful video content strategy and take your brand to the next level.

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