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How to make hybrid corporate events a success

Corporate events are becoming increasingly popular and are a modern instrument of corporate communication. They strengthen the brand and cohesion both internally and externally. Here are 10 tips for a successful corporate event.

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What are the goals of corporate events?

Companies use corporate events to anchor specific messages in the minds of customers and employees.

In terms of the group of people, they can be classified differently. They can be aimed exclusively at external clients, such as business partners or customers.

Internal events are aimed at the company's own employees and departments or even outsourced subsidiaries. Internal events promote team spirit and corporate loyalty. Size and scope of the event show a wide range. From a small workshop to a multicultural seminar, everything is possible. The aim is always to leave a strong and lasting impression that will have a positive impact on the further development of the company.

But also the combination in which internal and external groups of people meet and get into conversation are possible.

The added value for the company itself is versatile. Thus, measurable and non-measurable parameters can be distinguished.

Measurable goals are, for example, the acquisition of new customers and an increase in sales. Increased satisfaction and trust in a brand usually leads to an increase in sales sooner or later.

To properly leverage benefits, a well-developed objective is essential.

The following goals form the basis of successful corporate events:

Sales increase

Increased sales can be assessed during the event in the case of in-house trade shows or corporate events. Professional customer care in the aftermath further builds and maximizes profit.

Social engagement increases reach

Do good and talk about it! Communicating your own social projects through creative events and public events creates a positive image and increases awareness and social responsibility. There are no limits to the creativity of the marketing department. Organize concerts or workshops in a special ambience.

Positive networking

Give impulses and encourage your customers to communicate with each other. Bringing along new guests lets new customer relationships develop.

Invite to promotional themed summer parties, afterwork events, team buildings, and business brunches - all perfect platforms for positive networking. An internal corporate event is also definitely an added value for your employees. Often, after an event and exchange among each other, the internal corporate communication improves enormously.

Positive networking

10 tips for successful corporate events

1. location

Every event stands and falls with the suitable location.

In-house trade fairs or workshops can often be held in the company itself. If there is insufficient capacity, other venues must be used. Sustainable success is essentially dependent on the chosen location.

Location, accessibility and type of premises play a major role. An exclusive perfume is simply better presented in a noble ambience than in a station bar.

Bright rooms and sufficient space for breaks and refreshments make a good impression that will be remembered by the customer. If the customer feels comfortable, this is a good prerequisite for long-term customer loyalty.

Invite potential customers to unusual places that have some connection to your service. For example, a car dealership could invite customers to a garage and set up a perfect event around the location. Perhaps it would be possible to offer customers a fun tour in vintage cars or organize a race in soapboxes. There are no limits to your own creativity.

Also make sure the location is suitable for hybrid events if you are planning a mix of online and face-to-face events.

2. catering

No matter how banal it sounds, good catering with delicious food makes every visitor happy.

When customers are treated to culinary delights, this is remembered and reflects positively on the company. Eating together also makes every event a social event. Especially during breaks, people meet each other and have time to exchange ideas.

3. supporting program

A varied supporting program ensures sustainable success. The skilful combination of workshop, lecture, catering. Presentation and musical performance appeals to participants on site at different levels.

Exercise sessions improve general well-being and bring zest to dry subject matter. Small dance units or an adventurous city tour could be incorporated.

Corporate Event

4. give-aways and small surprises

Often, lasting success lies in small attentions and tiny details. Logo branded items such as corporate videos, USB sticks, mugs, jute bags or umbrellas accompany participants into their everyday lives and make a positive statement.

There are no limits to the imagination. There are a multitude of possibilities. Make your live, hybrid or virtual event a real highlight of the year.

5. stable internet connection

6. IT infrastructure

Get your IT department on board early if you want to implement an online event platform . For example, some companies only work with Microsoft technology. You should therefore consider in good time whether the software of your choice can map this.

7. data protection and security

Depending on the industry and company sizes, certifications and DSGVO compliance play a decisive role in the selection of event software. So make sure your service provider can meet your internal requirements to avoid problems shortly before the event.

Protected smartphone

8. no boredom at all

Internal corporate events thrive on strong emotions and fun. Anything can happen, but please don't let boredom set in. Training camps are currently very much in vogue. In addition to imparting knowledge, participants can demonstrate their skills and operational capabilities.

Positive adrenaline and a certain thrill make Internal Corporate Events something very special that will resonate in the minds of the workforce for a long time to come.

Best practice: Who doesn't know them - the Coca Cola Christmas trucks. They travel to over 20 German cities, spreading Christmas cheer and surprising people. They are accompanied by social media campaigns, e-mail and event marketing, and commercials. The all-round package for corporate events.

9. moderation

Leading through the program and connecting online and onsite participants should be done by an experienced moderator. Especially with two such different event formats, special emphasis should be placed on encouraging interaction among the participants. No matter from where they participate.

Breaks may also need to be designed differently for physical and virtual participants.

10. branding + interaction = successful corporate event

A competent team in the marketing department or the additional booking of corporate identity experts are always at the beginning of every project. It is always important to create a positive atmosphere that allows the intended message to be successfully conveyed. An own event app can also be helpful. Of course, this depends on the goals and the available budget.

Instead of holding dry lectures and seminars, it is worth investing in concepts that appeal to all the senses and invite participants to engage in varied interaction. Intensive engagement with the service or product brings lasting success.

Checklist for Corporate Events

Before the event:

  • Coherent event concept (event management, event planning)
  • Personalized participant approach (templates in corporate design)
  • Social media
  • Event landing page
  • Advertising

During the event

  • Live communication (push notifications, interaction tools)
  • Emotional content
  • Gamification

After the event:

  • Social media (images, videos, quotes - emotionalization)
  • Feedback/ Survey
  • Recordings/ on-demand videos


Every corporate event requires detailed preparation and a customer journey, but also intelligent follow-up. The overall success (e.g. the event ROI) can often only be assessed after a certain period of time.

In the future, this type of event will become increasingly important, as customer loyalty is becoming more and more important. It is worthwhile for every company to invest in this sector and to provide for good new talent. Sustainable events are the key to success, fun and customer loyalty. There are no limits to your own creativity.

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