Expert interview with Doris Hauser (Managing Director CONNECTcom gmbh ׀ Initiator New.Event.Thinking. - N.E.T.)

These are the event trends you should be aware of in 2023

Doris Hauser provides valuable insights and tips on how companies can stand out from the competition and create memorable events.

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The topics of"metaverse events" and "sustainability" are currently dominating the event industry and more and more companies are simultaneously looking for solutions that offer integrated approaches.

We talked to sustainability and communication expert Doris Hauser (Managing Director CONNECTcom GmbH) about this and why integrated and sustainable events are important and what innovations we can expect in the coming year.

The expert provides valuable insights and tips on how companies can stand out from the competition and create memorable events that have a positive impact for both attendees and the environment.

Why are integrated and sustainable events important?

Events without sustainable event conception, execution and impact will take themselves out of the running. Why? Because the decision-making processes of customers, participants, partners and employees are increasingly shaped by it. Because sustainability will determine business relationships and future viability. Because the legal framework is getting tighter and tighter. And yes, because the climate will no longer be open to negotiation.

Today, if you want to leverage the massive challenges of the event industry into an overarching competitive advantage, you can't avoid the strategic mix of live, hybrid and digital - PLUS - sustainable design, production and recycling.

What challenges do your customers have right now in terms of events?

Many companies are trying to link events with their digital communications. The topic is rapidly gaining momentum, but for many it is still in its infancy.

At the same time, event organizers feel how much their desired attendees have changed. Even though the desire for face-to-face encounters remains strong, live events do not fill up by themselves. The decision criteria pro/contra of live participation have become more complex. Today, innovative events must combine the advantages of both worlds: real and digital.

We can use the rapid development of the last 3 years as a stepping stone, ...or we can just grind back into the old waters with relish. The result is hard-hitting in terms of registration figures and no-show rates.

Integrated events harness the maximum transformational power of sustainability + digitization. This is precisely where there is still a lot of untapped potential.

Maximum transformational power of sustainability and digitization

And let's look the fact in the eye:
In the consistent implementation of sustainable event conception and production, live communication still lags far behind. Yet the potential in terms of wide reach and emotional connection to the participants is enormous.

In my discussions with companies, the same core issues crystallize again and again:

- No resources. No time.

- No plan on how specifically to launch.

- The diversity of the challenges is a deterrent.

- And still anchored beliefs that sustainability means at the same time renunciation and higher costs.

What really gets me going is anchoring profit in the masses through sustainable events. Setting the course now for smart, integrated live communication.

The requirement to transform sustainability and sustainable event formats/concepts into an overarching competitive advantage for the company is both a challenge and an opportunity. That is why I have put my heart and soul into the development of New.Event.Thinking. - N.E.T. Behind this is a holistic way of thinking for sustainable impact and innovative real-digital event formats.

What innovations can we expect in 2023?

Marketing has become an active contributor in business transformation.

It's about rethinking formats. Conserving resources. Avoiding emissions.

Aesthetics, interaction and collaboration with other companies and innovation leaders are increasingly coming to the fore. A radical change of perspective. Use of urban spaces to create a business festival. Creating personal connection through free dialogue spaces - keyword: allowing loss of control.

The "carbon handprint" - i.e. the positive impact of innovative events - is becoming massively more important for the negotiation of event budgets and the internal commitment to sustainable implementation.

This is how events leave an unmistakable lasting impression

👉 for holistic business success

👉 for more leads, more awareness, more customer loyalty

👉 for community building

👉 for successful, authentic employer branding

👉 for knowledge transfer

👉 for sustainable action and the climate

Networking at a sustainable lecture

In short: business success and soft facts are closely related.

As well as soft facts and sustainability.

What tips do you have for companies and event organizers who want to stand out from the competition?

Thinking bigger: Moving away from individual event projects and toward an integrated, networked event strategy. For example, with a lighthouse event that focuses on the value of personal encounters, in combination with digital satellites.

Harness the magic of a real-digital space that connects people and links physical and digital space. This is exactly how companies can deepen their relationship with their stakeholders in an attractive, sustainable and successful way.

Enter into 360° communication with participants: before, during and after the event. Use the energy of an event as the starting point of a powerful 360° communication.

Show transparently what has been achieved together. Taking the participants with them on the way to a sustainable business model. How ingenious when an event becomes both an inspiration and a sustainable impact for the private environment of the participants!

Sustainability does not mean doing without, but a conscious and intelligent turnover of resources.

Important: Only what is measured can be improved and optimized.

About the expert

Doris Hauser

Managing Director CONNECTcom gmbh

Expert and coach for sustainable, real-digital live communication

and initiator of New.Event.Thinking - N.E.T..

Expert Doris Hauser

Doris Hauser accompanies companies in the implementation and establishment of sustainability topics, on the way to real networking of online and offline and to more business impact.

In close cooperation with executives and marketing/event managers - in the role of external coach and consultant, or directly in the company with the assumption of an interim management function.

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